Visit from Skövde

Peter throws Erik.At Saturday’s training, we received visits from Skövde.
It was Marcus Olofsson, Peter Thorvald and Jasmin Drvenica who came to visit to get some instructions.
The reason they come and visit us here in Karlstad is that Anders Pettersson (Shibu-chō in Karlstad) is also the Shibu-chō of Skövde Shibu.

Marcus practice with Anders Davidsson.
It was an intense workout focusing on all the tenchiken during kihon after a request from Peter. Then there was a lot of technique training (hōkei) for all at each level.

Jasmin Drvenica from Skövde and our own Johan Holmstrand.

After training our guests had lunch with some of Karlstad members and Peter who are newly appointed Federation Treasurer had time to have a meeting with Anders Pettersson (who is the Federation President) and run through some routines on his new role on the Federation board.

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