Bukai sodeshō (rank badges for children)

bukai sodeshōFor children there are sleeve badges indicating rank, bukai sodeshō, the color of the chevrons is the same as the color of the belt for that degree, and the number of chevrons indicate the level of that belt color.

Bukai sodeshō should be on the right sleeve and the upper edge of the badge should meet the edge of the sleeve’s seam. The badges are as follows:

  • One yellow chevron, 8 kyū
  • Two yellow chevrons, 7 kyū
  • One green chevron, 6 kyū
  • Two green chevrons, 5 kyū
  • Three green chevrons, 4 kyū
  • One brown chevron, 3 kyū
  • Two brown chevrons, 2 kyū
  • Three brown chevrons, 1 kyū
  • One black chevron and so-en, 1 dan

There is also sleeve badges indicating good attendance, seikin sodeshō. They are awarded to kenshi that during the year have had good attendance.
They have the symbol “wa-tsu” and there are three different levels. Seikin sodeshō shall also be on the right sleeve, but the bottom edge of the badge should meet the sleeve’s seam, ie. above the bukai sodeshō.
seikin sodeshō

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