To Buy Dōgi & Obi


Dōgi - Black LabelThere are Shorinji Kempo dōgi (training suit) in a number of different qualities and you can buy them from two different stores, Maekawa shouten and Ozaki. They have the same kind of dōgi and the same prices, so it does not matter much which shop one choose to buy from. We usually recommend the models “Black Label” or “Gold Label” for our adult members, and to children we recommend “White Label”.

Dōgi - White LabelThe branch usually have children’s sizes of White Label in stock that we sell to members. It is an affordable and little less expensive dōgi which also works well for adults. See the page “For sale“.

If one order dōgi from Maekawa or Ozaki one can also get one’s name embroidered on the dōgi . It is up to each one if one choose to have one’s first name or surname on the dōgi, or if one want to have the name in our letters or in Japanese. Many want their name in Japanese (in katakana) on one’s dōgi, the branch can help out with the order so that name etc. will be correct.

When it comes to sizes so are all the measurements specified in the stores’ websites (here is all measurement on the Ozaki website (on that page the measurements are specified in inches, the corresponding page in Japanese have the measurements in cm, if one prefer that), but the easiest, and what we recommend, is to try on another member’s dōgi and see what size fits best. Also note that for Black Label and Gold Label one can order different sizes for uwagi (jacket) and zubon (pants), it is also possible, for a fee (¥ 1,111), to have sleeves and/or legs shortened.




Hōi (the black “robe” that higher graded sometimes wear) and obi (belt) can also be ordered from Maekawa or Ozaki.


obiColoured belts is something the branch usually have in stock (see the page “For sale“), but if one wants an embroidered belt the easiest way is to buy from Maekawa and Ozaki. The branch can help out with the order so that names, etc. in Japanese will be correct. To have black belts embroidered is very common, but one can of course also have coloured belts with embroidery. The most commonly embroidery to have on one’s belt is one’s name, most kenshi choose to have their names written in katakana, and “Shorinji Kempo” (with kanji, like this: 少林寺拳法).

Colour for embroidery on obiOne can choose seven different colours of the embroidered text, which colour one choose is a matter of taste. Available colours can be seen in the picture here; 1 orange, 2 red, 3 white, 4 golden brown (looks almost like yellow), 5 grey, 6 gold thread, 7 silver thread. (On white and yellow belts one may have black embroidery.) One may not embroider just anything on one’s belt, but name, branch name or things related to Shorinji Kempo is ok to embroider. Things like Shorinji Kempo (少林寺拳法), Kongo Zen Sohonzan Shorinji (金剛禅総本山少林寺), Kongo Zen Shorinji (金剛禅少林寺), ken zen ichinyo (拳禅一如), riki ai funi (力愛不二), jiko kakuritsu (自己確立), jita kyōraku (自他共楽), etc. are all fine. There are explanations of embroidery for the belt on this page.

Ordering from Japan

As mentioned above, the branch can help out with orders from Japan, so that the names etc. of embroidery on dōgi or obi (belt) is correct. What we normally do is to manage the communication, payment through Visa / Mastercard is something each individual will handle on their own. When you receive confirmation of the order you also get a link to a page for a secure payment for your order. One should also keep in mind that there may be additional fees for customs and VAT.

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