How to put on a hoi

In Shorinji Kempo, hoi is a formal garment used at special occasions. There are no set rules regarding who can wear it, but it is said that “good” kenshis (practitioners) may wear it, which is generally interpreted to mean those who have a black belt.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. You should not wear a t-shirt under your dogi while wearing a hoi.
  2. It’s easiest if you tuck in your uwa-gi (jacket) into your pants before you start.
  3. Your pants should not be lower than the hoi. If they are, hike them up.
  4. When you tuck in the ends of the belts on the sides, do it from below so that the ends point upwards. You can tuck them in under either the upper or lower part of the belt, but the lower part is the most common way.

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