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The branch usually has a few things for sale, and we can help to order things related to Shorinji Kempo. In principle, we can order everything on WSKO’s “Whats on Sale” page. If there is anything you want to buy, the branch can order it for you. The following items are things that we normally have in stock.

Dōgi (training suit)

Dōgi - White LabelWe normally have a small number of dōgi of the “White Label” type in stock. The White Label is a dōgi suitable for beginners or children. The costs depends on the current yen exchange rate. For other models of dōgi see the page “To buy dōgi & obi“.

Obi (belt)

obiWe normally have coloured belts in stock. New belts will cost 60 SEK, used belts are sold for 40 SEK and we buy back used belts for 20 SEK. For embroidered belts see the page “To buy dōgi & obi“.

Sodeshō (sleeve badges)

karlstad sodeshōSleeve badges with branch names cost 50 SEK, there are two types, one with Velcro and one that can be sewn on to the dōgi. If you have multiple dōgi, it may be convenient to have a badge with Velcro, since you would only need one badge. The advantage to have the sewn on type is that you will never lose it or forget to put it on. A more detailed description on were on the dōgi the badge should be placed can be found here.

Bukai sodeshō

bukai sodeshōSleeve badges indicating rank for children. The badges are included in the grading fee, but if you lose it you can buy extra for 20 SEK.
An explanation of these badges, where they should be placed, etc. can be found here.

Shorinji Kempo Tokuhon

Shorinji Kempo TokuhonShorinji Kempo Tokuhon is a textbook which contains all the theory one as a kenshi need to know for all gradings. There is one version for adults, Shorinji Kempo Tokuhon, and one for children, Shorinji Kempo Shonen Tokuhon. The Swedish versions cost 100 SEK each. I f needed we can also order Englsih versions of these books, the costs usually end up around 150 SEK, but depends on teh current exchange rate of the yen.

Kongo Zen Tokuhon

Kongo Zen TokuhonThis book is for those who are interested in Kongo Zen. The English version is just a simple booklet with no pictures, we recommend that you buy both the English and Japanese together to have a reference with pictures, etc. The price for the Japanese version + English version together is 150 SEK.

Kamokuhyō (Curriculum)

Swedish kamokuhyōThere are two different kamokuhyō for adults, the first one is the kyūkenshi kamokuhyō, which includes training program and grading requirements for all ranks up to shodan (1 dan). Then there is the yūdansha kamokuhyō which is the training program and grading requirements for 2 dan up to 6 dan.

There is also a shōnen kamokuhyō, which is training program and grading requirements for children under 13.

All versions of the Swedish kamokuhyō costs 50 SEK. English versions are available from WSKO hombu here.


Shikishi - "Nakaba wa jiko no shiawase wo, nakaba wa hito no shiawase wo"Shikishi is a type of “board” used for calligraphy, it is 24 cm x 27 cm. Hombu prints a reproduction of a calligraphy that Kaiso have done. It says Nakaba wa jiko no shiawase wo, nakaba wa hito no shiawase wo” [半ばは自己の幸せを、半ばは他人の幸せを] which can be translated as “half for your own happiness and half for the happiness of others”. This shikishi costs 150 SEK.


There are some other books and DVDs about Shorinji Kempo, but none that the branch normally have in stock. See the page books/video (coming soon) about what books/videos are available.

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