Accepting new members

Picture of Kaihoko-sensei surrounded by Shorinji Kempo practitioners.

Kaihoko-sensei instructing during one of our training camps.

Now is an excellent time to start practicing Shorinji Kempo. We accept members from seven years old and upwards, including adults – no one is too old. So if you’re interested – let us know!


In Shorinji Kempo, we don’t just practice an effective form of self defense, we also improve our endurance, coordination and strength. And let’s not forget, we have plenty of fun while doing it. Our shibu-chō – head instructor – is Anders Pettersson, Sweden’s most accomplished Shorinji Kempo practitioner who has attained the sixth degree black belt, and has over 30 years of Shorinji Kempo experience.

Curious? Questions? On the page Start to practice you’ll find a lot of answers. See you in the dojo!