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Practicing alone

Complement your training to achieve more in less time

Most people who practice martial arts settle for practicing only when their club or school does. And that’s perfectly okay. Most people don’t have the time or inclination to do more. But the question is: are you like most people, or do you want to be better than most people?

Bild som visar färigifyllt veckoschema på papper.

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No practice on Thursday October 1st

Unfortunately, we have to cancel practice on Thursday October 1st since Anders-sensei, Perra-sensei and Richard-sensei will be on their way to Portugal then, and Christer will be in Umeå. We wish Perra-sensei and Richard-sensei good luck at the European Championship, and also Perra-sensei with his grading.

On Saturday, there will be adults’ practice as usual, and next Tuesday there will be both children’s and adults’ practice again.


Anders-sensei nominated at the Swedish Martial Arts Gala

Bilde på Anders-sensei tagen vid uppvaktning i samband med hans gradering till 6:e dan.

Anders Pettersson-sensei.

For the second year in a row, Anders-sensei has been nominated to the Traditional Practitioner of the Year Award at the Swedish Martial Arts Gala! Those of us who know him feel more pride than surprise.

In their presentation of Anders-sensei, the Swedish Budo & Martial Arts Federation writes, among other things:

“… he has become a living legend in Shorinji Kempo. Such finesse, such authority and focus. A true dignitary within his martial art.”


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