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Local news cover our demonstration

Nya Wermlandstidninge, 2014-12-08.

Nya Wermlandstidningen, 2014-12-08.

Last Saturday, we held our 30 year anniversary Shorinji Kempo demonstration. In the grand scheme of things, the demonstration was a success (once we successfully gained entry to the gymnasium where the demonstration was to be held) with many participants both from the children’s and adults’ class. We were happy to see so many visitors, and among them were journalists from two local newspapers – Nya Wermlandstidningen and Värmlands Folkblad.

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Report on Anders-Sensei’s Nomination to the Swedish Martial Arts Gala

Last Thursday we had a visit from TV4 Värmland (TV4 is a national channel, but also have regional news), which had picked up on the fact that Anders-sensei has been nominated for the Traditional Practitioner of the Year Award at the 2014 Swedish Martial Arts Gala. Today the clip was aired in the local news. (clip usually have a short advertisement first)

Here is a translation of what is said in the clip:

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Anders-sensei nominated to the Swedish Martial Arts Gala

Kampsportsgalan 2014 - 5 år (Swedish Martial Arts Gala 2014 - 5 years)Karlstad Shibu congratulates Anders-sensei who has been nominated to the Swedish Martial Arts Gala (Kampsportsgalan) in the category “Traditional Practitioner of the Year”! In a comment to the regional news Värmlandsnytt he says “I’m happy. But to be perfectly honest, I would have preferred to see my friend nominated. He was paralyzed in half of his body after surgery to remove a brain tumor, and the doctors said he wouldn’t be able to practice anymore. However, he has an iron will and has made a strong comeback, including going to Japan where he successfully graded to 5th dan”. Anders-sensei also says anything that gives visibility to Shorinji Kempo in the media is positive.

The festival will be held at Berns in Stockholm on March 22nd.
Here is the home page of the gala