Update of the Home Page

We have had some problems with the website recently, basically since the end of last spring. Now most of the technical problems have been resolved and we are recovering all the material. Unfortunately, it will take some time since it involves a lot of manual work to do this.

The history of the problem is that in the end of last spring a plug-in (in order to have two languages) we used in our WordPress installation had a bug so that the content disappeared when saved (the plug-in had not been updated so it did not work with the update of WordPress that was made). At the end of 2012 the plug-in was updated and we tried to get everything to work but a few things still did not work well.

We have finally had the time to successfully fix this, primarily by installing another plug-in for handling of the language versions that is more professional and the website has now been updated to use the latest stable version of WordPress and all the plug-ins that we use. But the script that should convert the site from the old system to the new didn’t work so a lot of work had to be made manually and some pages and posts had to be re-created using backups.

There is still a minor bug on our calendar, but for the most time it is possible to get around the problem. There is now work going on to fix all the old news posts (most pages are already fixed) and restore some posts made during the time we had these problems that we wern’t able to publish as intended. Most of it is stored locally but must be uploaded and formatted, etc. so it may take a while until we have fixed everything.

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