Succesfull “try out days”

Many came and tried Shorinji KempoDuring the school’s winter holidays the branch had offered free try-out for children and teenagers. Karlstad community had printed a booklet with lots of activities, during the school’s holiday, for children and youths and we had information that there was going to try Shorinji Kempo free during winter vacation (week 9).

We had a total of a little over 20 children/teenagers that tried out Shorinji Kempo during the two sessions during the week, several of them attended both on Tuesday and Thursday’s classes. The vast majority were under 13, and joined in the class for our children’s group.

On Thursday, we were also visited by Värmlands Folkblad (local newspaper) who wrote an article which resulted in a full page (last page) in Friday’s issue. The article is also available on their website:

Here is a picture of the article (click on it for a larger version):
Article in the local newspaper "Värmlands Folkblad" called "Shorinji Kempo för småttingar" (Shorinji Kempo for small kids)

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