Succesful Grading for Shōnenbu (children’s group)

Grading for the children's group in December 2011

Grading for the children’s group in December 2011

On Tuesday, 6th of December we had a grading for the Children’s group (shōnenbu). There were a total of 13 children who graded, seven to the first rank 8 kyū, three to 7 kyū and three to 6 kyū.

All the kids did very well and passed the grading with good results.

Congratulations to Hugo, Simon & Victor who graded to 6 kyū (green belt, one chevron), to Neo, Olof & Oliwer who graded to 7 kyū (yellow belt, two chevrons), and to Hannes, Kevin, Linus, Maya, Mustafa, Olivia and Richard who graded to 8 kyū (yellow belt, one chevron). Well done all!

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