Grading for the Children’s group

Grading for the children's group, May 2010.

Grading for the children’s group, May 2010.

On Tuesday the 25th and Thursday the 27th we had a grading for the children’s group.
There were a total of 12 children who have graded and all did a good job.

Those who received the new grades were:

4 kyu
Gabriel Henningsson

5 kyu
Sara Forsman och Filippa Hellekant

6 kyu
Camilo orquera och Tindra Kirppu

7 kyu
Morgan Eriksson, Kalle Wejrum-Fielding, Alfred Lindberg, Oskar Lindberg och Thea Gidlund

8 kyu
Elias Fredriksson och Magnus Håkansson

Congratulations to all!

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